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Samuel Thompson (born March 17 1989), better known by his screen name Splat is an Oddworld fan from England and moderator of the Oddworld RPG and Fan-Corner sections of the Oddworld Forums. He enjoys reading and writing fiction and table-top RPGing with friends. He is a practising Christian.

Oddworld fan history

Splat was first introduced to Oddworld in 2000 when his sister showed him a demo-version of Abe's Exoddus. Taken with the atmosphere and original design of the game, Splat received the full version of the game on his birthday the following year. After first getting internet access in early 2002, Splat soon searched for Oddworld-related sites and discovered Oddworld Forums through Oddworld.au.com. After lurking a while, he joined the website in October 2002.

Splat has written several fan-fictions based on Oddworld, starting in 2002 and reaching to the present day.

Despite being an avid Oddworld fan since first playing Abe's Exoddus, he did not get a copy of Abe's Oddysee until June 2007, at the same time he bought the Oddworld Art Book.

Splat attended OddTour 4a and 4b in London in 2010.

Oddworld Forums

Splat joined Oddworld Forums in October 2002, mainly to post his fan-fictions and to post his opinions on other peoples'. He later began posting in General Discussion but has never posted steadily there. Fan Corner remained his area of main activity until early 2005, when he was encouraged to try RPGing by T-nex. He joined Work at Rupture Farms on his birthday that year and remained active in the thread until its end in 2010.

Splat made simple comics for the threads, 'Who wants to make a comic' and 'Wars of the Art' in Non-Oddworld Art and Literature, and hosted the second instalments of both of these threads. He later made a series of comics illustrating Mod Survivor Island, in which he drew the deaths of every participant except himself.

Splat began posting his last fan-fiction on Oddworld Forums in 2007 - a multi-part story called 'The Despicable' which tells the stories of several of his characters from the 'Work at Rupture Farms' RPG. The story is currently unfinished and on hiatus, and is by far the longest story Splat has written.

Member of Staff

Following T-nex's decision to leave the forums (and her post as moderator of RPG) in June 2006, Splat was made moderator of Oddworld RPG and Fan-Corner. He developed the RPG Licence system first established by T-nex, and later helped Havoc revamp the rules of Fan-Corner. Since 2009, he has organised five competitions in Fan-Corner for fan-fiction and fan-art. In 2010, Splat turned down an offer to become Super-Moderator of Zulag 2.

Splat has been a participant in all three Mod Survivor Island threads and has consistently come in third place.

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Role Forum(s) Appointment Retirement
Moderator Fan Corner 11 June 2006 Still Active
Moderator Oddworld RPG 11 June 2006 Still Active

Annual Oddworld Forums Poster Awards

Splat has won the following Poster Awards in the following years:

Best Writer
2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010
Best Role-Player