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Work at Rupture Farms, commonly abbreviated to W@RF, was a long-standing role-playing thread in the Oddworld RPG forum of the Oddworld Forums. It was created by dripik on 4 October 2002[1] and after a long period of inactivity, was officially ended by Splat on 24 January 2011.[2]


RuptureFarms 1029 is reopened by a Glukkon named Arnie, who has decided to treat his Mudokon workers nicely to avoid drawing the attention of terrorists.


W@RF played out over a total of ten threads on the Oddworld Forums, and contained a total of 8063 posts. The longest part was part 6, which had 1096 posts, while the shortest was part 10, which had 341 posts when it was officially closed down.

192 members of Oddworld Forums took part in Rupture Farms over its lifetime. The top five posters were Splat with 758 posts throughout the W@RF threads, dripik with 621 posts, T-nex with 572 posts, Munch's Master with 296 posts and Slaveless with 276 posts.

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