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The Oddworld Daily Question is a daily question asked on the Oddworld Discord by the new bot ‘Intern’. Intern is dedicated to posting the questions in the #general-oddworld channel at every day. Oddworld fans are invited to submit questions for Intern to ask the community.[1]

The first question was asked on , and up to inclusive, there have been a total of 37 questions asked. Some days, such as , Intern doesn't post questions because it has run out of fan-submitted questions.[2][3]


Two of the questions, on and , were promotions to direct fans to vote for Oddworld: Soulstorm in the Webby People's Voice Award for Best Art Direction in Games.[4][5]


Number Date Question Link
1 What were your favourite moments from Oddworld: Soulstorm? Link
2 Who's the best Gluk? Link
3 What is your favorite (non-sapient) Oddworld race? Link
4 Would you have played Hand of Odd? Link
5 Favourite character in all of oddworld? Link
6 Where would you live on Mudos? Link
7 Who is your favourite Twitch streamer and why? Link
8 If you could eat an Oddworld delicacy, what would you choose? Link
9 Which is your favourite Oddworld game? Link
10 Have you voted for Oddworld: Soulstorm in the Webby's? Link
11 Who’s your favourite Gabbit? Link
12 What does Soulstorm Brew taste like? Link
13 Do you miss the FART? Link
14 Which Oddworld game has the best art? Link
15 Why haven't you voted for Oddworld: Soulstorm in the Webby's? Link
16 What is your favourite Oddworld meme? Link
17 How many Oddworld games do you own? Link
18 React if you have been playing Oddworld games since the 90s! Link
19 What's your favorite mechanic? Link
20 Will you buy Oddworld: Soulstorm on Steam? Link
21 What is stronger than a Scrab? Link
22 In the podcast Lorne mentioned an idea for an arena game, which characters from the Oddworld universe would you like to see 1v1? Link
23 What is the best Oddworld meme? Link
24 If you were an Oddworld character who would it be? Link
25 If you could make a new Oddworld delicacy, what would you make and what would the ingredients be? Link
26 Do you think Munch and Stranger will be in the next Oddworld Title? Link
27 Should we have an 'introductions' channel, where old/new members can get to know each other better? Link
28 What new roles would you like to see in the Discord? Link
29 What was the last Oddworld game you played? Link
30 What was the first Oddworld game you played? Link
31 How many Oddworld games do you have in your collection? Link
32 Would you say you are a collector of game merch, including Oddworld items? Link
33 What is the best piece of Oddworld merch you have? Or just general gaming merch! Link
34 Would you be interested in daily/weekly challenges on the Discord, to win prizes + merch? Link
35 If you could add a new character to Oddworld, what would it be called and why? Link
36 Do you use a desktop wallpaper? Link
37 What game sound would make an interesting notification sound? Link
38 Would you like to see official Oddworld ringtones/sounds? Link
39 Would you like to see the Yaymans in a future Oddworld title? Link
40 What’s worse for abe, a group of Sligs or a swarm of fleeches? Link
41 What is the funniest incorrect spelling of Mudokon you have seen? Link
42 What is your best memory of Oddworld? Link
43 Which is your favorite level in Oddworld: Soulstorm? Link
44 What's a piece of Oddworld concept art you'd love to see? Link
45 How much do you want a new oddworld fangame? Link
46 What was the saddest part of Oddworld to you? Link
47 What is your favourite quote from an Oddworld game? Link
48 If you could help Alf build a table for his Rehab, would you prefer plywood or particleboard, and if you happen to know a source of either in Arizona? Link
49 If you could ask Abe anything, what would you ask? Link
50 Why did Bonewerkz betray the Elders when they decided to mine bones after the peace treaty? Link
51 Why do you think SoulStorm Brew replaced Mudos Cola? Link


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