List of Oddworld species

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In the table below, Industrial and Settler races are jointly classed as Civilized. Species that are described as ‘unused’ have not appeared in any Oddworld videogame, although they may have appeared in development, promotional or community sources.

Most unused species that don't have a known name are in the Unidentified species article; however, some are included below because of their significance to Oddworld game development or the Oddworld fan community.

Lore Appearances
Species Faction Type Description Abe's Oddysee Abe's Exoddus Munch's Oddysee Stranger's Wrath New 'n' Tasty Soulstorm
1%er Civilized Race Bikers, unused
Bat Wildlife Wild As ‘Meetlebat’
Bee Wildlife Wild
Bird Wildlife Wild
Bolamite Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Boombat Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Chippunk Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Chronicler Civilized Race Accountants, lawyers, stock brokers, unused
Clakker Civilized Race Townsfolk
Devil Vine Plant Wild Live Ammo, unused HD only
Elderling Native Race Prophets, advisors
Elum Native Domesticated Steeds, meat
Fangustanian Native Race Unused
Fleech Wildlife Wild Pets
Frogger Wildlife Wild Sacred, unused
Fuzzle Wildlife Wild Lab animals, pets, meat, Live Ammo
Gabbit Native/Wildlife Race Replacement lungs, various consumer products
Gloktigi Civilized Race Elite security
Glukkon Civilized Race Business executives
Grubb Native Race
Guardian Native Wild Defence, sacred, extinct
Haggut moss Plant Wild Medicinal
Heyhey Civilized Race Unused
Hint Fly Wildlife Wild
Hoopster Wildlife Wild Toys, unused
Intern Civilized Race Lab assistants, security
Khanzumer Civilized Race Consumers, unused
Kinto Wildlife Wild Slaves, unused
Lusk Unknown Race Marauders, unused
Meech Wildlife Wild Meat, sacred, unused Referenced Referenced
Meep Native Domesticated Meat
Meetle/Mug Wildlife Domesticated Transport, tanks, unused
Meetlebat Wildlife Wild Venom
Moongrass Plant Wild Medicinal
Mudflub Wildlife Wild Blubber, unused
Mudokon Native Race Slave labour
Musklum Unknown Race Unused
Oktigi Civilized Race Business executives
Opinionite Civilized Race Unused
Outlaw Outlaws Race Outlaws
Paramite Wildlife Wild Meat, sacred
Paramold Fungus Wild Medicinal
Pokeypine Wildlife Wild Live Ammo, unused
Rat Wildlife Wild Avatars
Scoot/Worry Fish Wildlife Wild
Scrab Wildlife Wild Meat, sacred
Scuba Toad Native Race Unused
Sea Rex Wildlife Wild Unused
Skeeter Wildlife Wild Unused
Sleech Wildlife Wild Guano
Sleg Wildlife Wild Pets, security
Slig Civilized Race Security, personal assistants
Slog Civilized Domesticated Security HD only
Slurg Wildlife Wild
Sniper Wasp Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
SpooceShrub Plant Wild Spooce
Stang Wildlife Wild Unused
Steef Native Race
Stingbee Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Stunk Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Surge Bug Wildlife Wild Live Ammo, unused HD only
Thudslug Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Unidentified species Various Various
Vamp Civilized Race Unused
Vykker Civilized Race Doctors, researchers
Wolvark Civilized Race Security
Zappfly Wildlife Wild Live Ammo