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Gabbits are peaceful and highly‐sociable aquatic creatures that roam Oddworld’s vast oceans in families known as pods.


Gabbits begin life as Gabbiwogs at Ma’Spa, the source of the Mongo River, and gradually develop new abilities and physical features as they grow. These immature Gabbiwogs must take a dip in the Spawning Springs before they can grow lungs and metamorphose fully into amphibious teenagers. The indiginous cultures that reside around the Mongo River praise the Gabbits as they swim upstream to spawn the next generation at their traditional birthplace.


Gabbits possess no technology or infrastructure, but are playful and acrobatic. Their language is musical, produced by their flute‐like tongues, which give them the ability to mimic other creatures’ noises, in and out of water. They refer to the ocean as the Big Pond. Their favourite food is Worry Fish.


A Gabbit has only one leg, which ends in three long toes, but this is powerful enough to propel them at great speeds through the water. This allows Gabbits to leap elegantly out of the water, but gives them only limited mobility on land. While their heads appear heavy and maladapted to aquatic life, they are in fact incredibly streamlined, comparable to torpedoes. Their mouths are lined with two asymmetrical sets of sharp teeth.


Vykkers scoop Gabbits out of the ocean in large nets to be used in a whole range of ways. Gabbit lungs are perfect replacements for Glukkons' and are the standard when Glukkons undergo lung transplants. Gabbits' waterproof skin is used to make hydrophobic luggage, and their bodily oils are used in cosmetics and protein shakes. Raw Gabbit eggs are considered by the Glukkons to be the priceless delicacy Gabbiar, but over‐harvesting has left the seas empty of Gabbits, and now only Latamire Munch and one can of 150 Grade A Gabbiar eggs are thought to remain.