Barrel Ride

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Barrel Ride’ is the third FMV in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, excluding screen transitions. It follows Abe from screen R1P20C03 at the end of the level ‘RuptureFarms’ to screen E1P06C06 at the beginning of ‘Stockyard Escape’, as he escapes from the interior of his former workplace. Its duration is 24 seconds.


While rolling along a narrow ridge, Abe fails to stop and rolls off the end, falling into a barrel travelling along a conveyor belt. He emerges covered with small chunks of meat, which he shakes from his body with the words ‘Ewww, yuck.’ He then looks at his surroundings, but fails to notice a low-hanging pipe in his path. It smacks into his head and, stunned, Abe faints into the barrel just in time to avoid being spotted by two squabbling Slig security guards. When he re-emerges, he starts rocking the barrel from side to side until it tips over, spilling Abe into the Stockyards.