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Latamire Munch is a two‐year‐old Gabbit who has become highly involved in the efforts of Abe to bring peace and balance to Oddworld. Captured by Vykkers scientists, he now has an alien device screwed to his skull and is thought to be the very last member of his race in existence, save for 150 unhatched Gabbit eggs.


Munch is a Gabbit, so has one flipper with an M‐shaped foot, two spindly arms, five fins and a head built like a torpedo that allows him to shoot through water with speed and grace. Although amphibeous, he is only awkwardly mobile on land because of his single leg, rendered particularly lame by a Scrab trap. His mouth is a large and gaping and fitted with two asymmetrical sets of teeth. These are sharp enough to inflict serious damage when he bites hard with his powerful jaws. Munch uses his fins and large, emotive eyes to express himself more than he speaks. The SkullJack surgically installed to his skull allows him to hijack machine technology and unlock animal cages. Its sonar can be used to track down Fuzzle cages, and it is capable of delivering an electric charge. When angered, his beneign expression turns to one of hellish fury.


Like all Gabbits, Munch is a highly social creature and seeks companionship. Unfortunately, he is the last of his kind, so often turns to Fuzzles for friendship. The huge implications of his situation are far too grand for his young mind to consciously realise, so he lives in denial despite the overwhelming evidence of his race's extinction. To keep his mind from exploring this subject, Munch depends on company; thus, he has developed a severe phobia of being left alone. He is incredibly protective of his friends, and although he has a soft heart, he becomes ruthless when angered.

The effects of his abduction by creatures and technology completely alien to him has had a lasting effect on Munch’s psyche. The experience has left him open to bitterness and paranoia, but also much more determined in his efforts than he ever was before.


Munch's Oddysee

Where once Munch had swam in the Big Pond with his family, he now found himself alone. He called out for other Gabbits, but never heard any reply until one night, when he was lured onland and into a Scrab trap that broke his leg. Once it was dark, Munch awoke to see lights approaching him through the forest. One floating vessel, a Vykkers Harvester, came up to him, an eerie shape watching down on him. Terrified, Munch passed out, and when he regained consciousness he found himself strapped to a seat with an alien device being screwed to his skull. A conversation between his tormentor Humphrey and his business partner Irwin revealed that he was the last Gabbit alive and destined to scour Oddworld for Fuzzles caught in traps to bring to the Vykkers.

When he was alone, Fuzzles offered to free Munch of his restraints if he released them. Eventually Munch found he could use his SkullJack to open their cages, and gratefully they chewed away his restraints. Using the deadliness of his new friends to eliminate Intern security, Munch worked his way through Vykkers Labs to its Poop Chute, and escape, little realising his altitude. He fell from Vykkers Labs, crashing into Abe, sending them both to the ground below. From there, Abe took Munch to see the Almighty Raisin, who claimed that their destinies lie together, and that they needed to regain access to Vykkers Labs. Although at first determined not to return, Munch changed his mind when told that the very last Gabbit eggs were being sold inside.

Taking the Raisin's advice, Abe and Munch travelled the wilderness, visiting Glukkon factories and emptying their funds into the bogus charity of Lulu's, then waited until he was invited to Vykkers Labs to sneak aboard Vykkers Labs hiding on his blimp. After rescuing the Fuzzles, Mudokons and Labor Eggs, Munch and Abe stole the can of Gabbiar from Lulu. In an act of vengence, Munch and the Fuzzles rigged explosives stolen from Vykkers Labs’ armoury to demolish the research facility, leaving Munch with 150 baby Gabbits to raise.