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Humphrey is the Executive Implant and Brand Manager of the Vykkers Conglomerate Consumer Pharmaceutical Division and co‐founder of the Vykkers Labs franchise along with Irwin Vykkers. He is noted for his genuine burning passion for, and pursuit of, the suffering of everyone around him, and is a true mad genius. Beginning his career in the Fine Foods division, he was responsible for a net design that increase Gabbit yields by 500% that earned him an instant promotion to head of the Snack Food Additives Group, where he was known to convert toxic waste materials into food preservatives.

As co‐owner of Vykkers Labs, Humphrey worked in the company’s first fully free‐floating facility, Vykkers Labs 13. It was his idea to install the last of the Gabbit race—​Latamire Munch—​with a sonar head port and employ him to retrieve Fuzzle traps set throughout Mudos. To make up for his lack of mobility and broken leg, Humphrey designed a wheelchair for Munch. However, he failed to consider the possibility that Munch would use his ability to open Fuzzle cages to free Fuzzles and fight for their cause. Humphrey also was also responsible for the dangerous shampoo brightener swiftly renamed Headburn, and for a new fabric softener formula that was never realised before he perished in the destruction of Vykkers Labs 13.