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It is important to know which topics are suitable for inclusion on Oddworld Library, and to what level of detail they should be covered. These guidelines serve as general advice; exceptions and alterations can always be argued, and ultimately each subject must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

These guidelines include what subjects should be covered by Oddworld Library at all (and to what level of detail), as well as which subjects deserve their own page or pages (as opposed to being included in a larger-scope article).

This page is not about the social concept of inclusivity in any way.


Every aspect of Oddworld lore that is unique should be covered by Oddworld Library.

  • Unique aspects are fictional concepts not found outside of Oddworld, which might range in notability from Mudokon (ubiquitous and central to lore) to Haggut moss (poorly defined, easily replaced or even excluded from narrative).

Such unique subjects should only have a dedicated page if they would not form a minor component of a more general article that is an obvious and close parent.

  • An obvious parent is one that any reader would reasonably look to for information on a chosen subject; for example, ‘Slig’ is an obvious parent of ‘Big Bro Slig’, whereas someone who didn't know anything about Haggut moss couldn't be expected to seek information on that topic by turning to an article on ‘SoulStorm Brew withdrawal antedote’.
  • A close parent is one without intermediary steps of relatedness between it and the subject; for example, ‘Magog Motors’ wouldn't be covered in ‘Industrial factories’ when it could more specifically be covered in ‘Glukkon factories’.
  • A minor component is one that would occupy no more than one undivided section of an article. For instance, the article on ‘Big Bro Sligs’ contains multiple sections and so would be inappropriate to cover (in its entirity) in ‘Sligs’; by comparison, ‘Slig drones’ does not have enough known information to justify having its own article.

Non-unique aspects of Oddworld lore should be covered if they are sufficiently significant to the themes and aesthetics of the series or have traits that are particular to Oddworld. Some examples of these are below.


The following people are eligible to have their own article:

The model page for developers is Lorne Lanning. Developers' articles should include their career and works prior and subsequent to their Oddworld contributions, but should not go into the same level of detail. Wherever possible, tie their earlier work to their work with Oddworld (such as their relevant experience).

The model page for members of the Oddworld Forums is Max the Mug. Details of members' lives outside of Oddworld should only be mentioned in passing. What is within the scope of their article is their personal story behind discovering Oddworld, their membership (and possibly moderatorship) on the Forums (including when they joined, any username changes they had and any noteworthy departures, e.g. those who left for The Glass Asylum), and their involvement in the awards, OIPT or MSI.

Fan labour

Fan labour refers to the likes of fanfics, fanart, RPGs and fansites. For the time being, these are largely beyond the scope of the Encyclopædia, although this may change in the future. As it stands, the following articles are permitted: