From Oddworld Library

Lulu is a pathetic Glukkon. Although like all Glukkons he is devoted to profit in his mind, Lulu is well‐known for his laziness, neglegence and complete lack of business mindedness. He is the stupidest Glukkon alive, derided even by the universally‐empathic Raisin. He worked in an outlying slaughterhouse under the immediate supervision of Sask, the son‐in‐law of the boss. His office was in the dimly‐lit basement, and he spent his time sleeping, drinking and reading girly magazines.

The reasons for his infamy reversed when he became a puppet to the exploits of Abe and Munch. Under the control of Abe he founded Lulu’s Fund, a bogus charity with all proceeds going directly to him, which just happened to prosper as various Glukkon entrepreneurs and CEOs were forced by Abe to donate their entire bank accounts. Lulu’s fame skyrocketed along with his fortune in the space of a day, and he was immediately named Glukkon of the Year by Slime magazine. Being dimwitted, he genuinely believed he had achieved his success, swiftly becoming a Glockstar and invited to Vykkers Labs in time for its Gabbiar Auction.

Despite hating Gabbiar, Lulu bid his entire fortune on the last can of Gabbiar while possessed by Abe and was instantly ruined, his purchase easily stolen by Abe and Munch. He was last seen begging for Moolah on the city streets, all blame for the destruction of Vykkers Labs being laid on him. It was rumored he would end up taking control of the abandoned RuptureFarms 1029, but the possibility of this happening ended when he lost his wealth.


Lulu even lacked the dress sense to match a suit and tie, but usually wore his shirt and pants, braces and pen holder until his success story when he began wearing standard purple suits. He is ugly even by Glukkon standards, with buck teeth, small yellow eyes, a tiny head and large upper lip.