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Oddworld: Squeek’s Oddysee is the third title in the Oddworld Quintology. It will introduce the character of Squeek both to the audience and to Abe and Munch. Originally intended as a videogame to follow Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, production of it has never started.


The terrorist actions of Abe have caused such a huge loss to Lady Margaret’s profits that her grandmother is automatically awoken from cryonic preservation to ensure the proper handling of what turns out to be her investments. Suffering from Gorman Disenza (research into whose cure—thought to be found in the blood of Gabbits—she has been funding) she’s been frozen to prolong her remaining lifespan. Now, with the clock ticking on her remaining 90 days, she finds her business empire beseiged by a slave rebellion and her research stalled by the escape of the last known Gabbit, and brings back into action an old régime of brutality.[1]

The story is dependent on the biological concept of mutualism (colloquially called ‘symbiosis’).[2]


The plot of Squeek’s Oddysee was the first story Lorne Lanning told Sherry McKenna to convince her to open a videogame studio with him. She originally didn’t believe that Abe or Munch could be as likeable as Squeek, but she now likes both of them more.[3] The original plan was to release the title as Oddworld Inhabitants’ third game in the Quintology, with players taking control of Abe, Munch and Squeek,[4] but after the story of Munch’s Oddysee had to be so radically changed due to technological challenges that Lanning reconsidered releasing Quintology stories as videogames first.[5]


Fans have had many years’ opportunity to speculate about the hero and gameplay of Squeek’s Oddysee given the long timespan between its name being revealed and even the slightest hint of its story being told. Recurring theories on the Oddworld Forums in the early 2000s included Squeek’s being a Slig, Khanzumer or other industrial creature, a Meech, a flying insectiod, or an adult or highly evolved form of a Slurg. This latter idea is partly inspired by a comment from Paul O’Connor,[6] but mostly due to the sound Slurgs make when stepped on. Squeek’s onomatopœic name suggests to many a character who is either small or large in size.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26]


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