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The Oddworld Forums Minecraft Server (22 February – 28 July 2011) was a Minecraft server hosted for members of the Oddworld Forums to play multiplayer survival together. It was created by dripik, who was succeeded as administrator by Havoc. Its operators were dripik, Havoc, Max the Mug and Splat.


Map of the civilized area of the server

The seed for the world was -2660950596850204536.

Genesis Island

The spawn area is located on a partly snowy, partly forested peninsula in a partly frozen sea, usually referred to as the main island. The original main base was started by dripik on 22 February 2011 and currently includes commen storage, dormitories, a portal room, mineshaft and map room. It is connected to the railway network via Genesis Station, and by subway to the farm complex and Ontrukkan Keep.

The peninsula contains the farm complex, a set of buildings that includes the Old Mill (common food storage) built by dripik, greenhouse and farm cottage built by Max, and combined wheat and mushroom automatic farm also built by Max. The mushroom farm, greenhouse, cottage and Old Mill are connected to each other, the main base, the Old Mill Station and Ontrukkan Keep by subway.

The penisula also contains Max’s sky village (which grew out of the original treehouse, and which supplies the water to the autofarm) and Yaucht Club, the Cursed Pick Cave, Splat’s creeper face, Dynamithix’s tower, crashpunk’s docks and DarkHoodness’s mining shack and cactus beach. It connects to Castle Pyke via drawbridge, to Ontrukkan Keep via subway, to the north via bridges, and to the south via land bridge.

North and west

To the north and west of Genesis is a large area of heavily developed tundra and frozen sea that includes the main homes of crashpunk, enchilado, Wings of Fire, Ridg3, E'l Scrabino, Phylum and dripik, as well as Splat’s Dark Tower, the ScrabTrapMan Memorial and Hate Club (formerly the GenericError Hate Club), the apartments, dripik’s maze, Manco’s Shack, Max’s igloo and feather farm, Scraby’s TNT cannon, dripik’s and crashpunk’s treehouses, and RuptureFarms.

The immediate north shore is decorated with three large wool monuments: Splat’s ghast face, Max’s Oddworld logo and crashpunk’s happy Mudokon face. Crashpunk’s Honeydew face monument is nearby. Further afield are the lava lake, main homes of OddHunter and T-nex, the cactus desert, Terrifying Cave, Terror Valley and crashpunk’s 2Fort.


To the east of Genesis are a series of sand islands and beaches and a large gravel coastline. In this area are the main homes of Splat and Havoc, Hotel Montecito, Ontrukkan Keep and the stalactite cave.


To the south of Genesis are the main homes of Hulaabeo, Munch's Master and Max, as well as Mancolia, the mountain shelter and Survival Island. Further south is a region of high ocean density which includes the Clayaceous Sea and the Gravelaceous Sea.


Map of the server’s railway system

Main parts of the map are connected via a railway network primarily designed and constructed by DarkHoodness.

  • The main red line runs from Nile Lair to WoF Interchange Point via Munch's Master’s home, Castle Pyke, the Yaucht Club, Genesis Depot and the Apartment Blocks, with interchanges at Nile Lair, Castle Pyke and Genesis Depot. It is expected to be extended further north to the lava lake and Manco’s Lair.
  • The yellow line connects Nile Lair and the Mountain Shelter via Buncible Compound.
  • The purple line is a one-way circular trip from Nile Lair around the nearest side of RuptureFarms.
  • The brown line connects Castle Pyke and Mole’s Burrow.
  • The blue line connects Genesis Depot, Old Mill Depot and Hotel Montecito via a three-way junction. The Montecito limb of the line extends to Talpstar’s Lair.
  • The green line connects Genesis Depot and 2Fort via Wariopunk Station, E'l Scrabino Station and Phylum’s home.


On 28 July 2011, the server’s host suddenly ceased operating and the server went offline. The host’s parent company quickly reclaimed the servers, eliminating Havoc’s ability to save the world files. Havoc had been planning to backup the world files on 30 July. The most recent backup was from three weeks before.

Players discussed whether to recommence their work from the old backup, or to begin again with a fresh world. The latter seemed to be the most popular option, especially since the looming 1.8 update promised much new content. However, on 31 July, Havoc announced that he had received an email from the parent company that there would be a 72 hour window in which he could recover the files from the server. The server was re-established with a new host fully up to date (albeit with a different Nether map, which cut off some buildings only easily accessible via passages in the Nether).

There are plans to establish a new settlement called 'Exoddus Settlement' after the release of the 1.8 Minecraft update.


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