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Róbert Zelei (born 14 October, 1988), better known as dripik on Oddworld Forums or as OldNile on other websites, is an Oddworld fan from Hungary and moderator of Fan Corner on the Oddworld Forums. He is currently studying English literature at Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Humanities, and enjoys classic rock music, cycling, translating and writing.

Oddworld fan history

Dripik first got acquainted with the Oddworld games in 2002, when he made a purchase of a local gaming magazine, PC Guru. That issue included a free copy of Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, the second game of the series. After getting through the claustrophobic, murky levels of the first area, and seeing some of the cut-scenes, he got interested in the series and began to look into the rest of the Oddworld games. During the summer of 2002, in his search for information on the official Oddworld website, he found a link to Oddchat, an internet chatroom for Oddworld fans. After getting acquainted with some other fans, he was recommended to check out Oddworld Forums, where the majority of the people frequenting Oddchat were already members.

Oddworld Forums

After registering at the Forums under the screenname "dripik", he first did smaller contributions to the General Discussion section, including the creation of a thread about the favourite Oddworld characters of Forums members. During the autumn of 2002, dripik became interested in the RPG section of the Forums and attempted to join an RP game, but due to the low turn-out, the thread eventually died. [1] It was then when he decided to start an RP thread of his own, hoping it would work out better than most of the role-playing threads he had seen in the RPG section, most of which were struggling because of low activity. On 4 October, 2002, dripik started the thread Work at Rupture Farms[2], an RP loosely based on the iconic meat processing plant seen in Abe's Oddysee. The thread, often simply referred to as "W@RF", proved to be a popular idea, and managed to survive, with periods of scheduled inactivity, for nearly a decade. Its end was officially announced on 24 January 2011.[3]

W@RF also inspired members to create threads in the Fan Corner section. The earliest thread was dedicated to artwork related to the characters of the RP, in which dripik posted a couple of sketches made on his own characters.[4] Later on, he created the second part of the thread, which initially functioned as a collection of the pictures salvaged from the first thread (most of the links got broken or the pictures themselves have been removed).[5] The second art thread also became to host a series of Paint comics made by dripik, based on the storyline of W@RF. Apart from visual art, dripik began writing the illustrated back-story of one of his RP characters, under the title "The Robotic Guard". [6]

At this point, dripik's attention shifted from the RPG section to Fan Corner, where he participated in a number of art-related forum games. Among them were the series "Who Wants To Make A Comic?"[7] and "Wars of the Art"[8], both dedicated to hosting comics jointly made by multiple members. He also created a thread for his comic series titled "Exchange Alien" in Non-Oddworld Art and Literature.[9]

Member of staff

Dripik was appointed moderator of Fan Corner on 22 September, 2010.[10]

Sortable table
Role Forum(s) Appointment Retirement
Moderator Fan Corner 22 September 2010 Still Active

Annual Oddworld Forums Poster Awards

Dripik has won the following Poster Awards in the following years:

Best Role Player
2005, 2007, 2009
Best Non-Oddworld Artist


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