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Paramonia is an anicent, rapidly‐vanishing coniferous forest region. It is the natural habitat of Paramites, but today is under siege from timber clear‐cutting initiatives and wildlife hunting. Paramites are shot and herded into boxcars for slaughter in the Magog Cartel’s meat‐processing factories like RuptureFarms, and today the only chance of seeing one is to venture within the Paramonian Temple, where they still nest.

Mudokon tribes have long since disappeared from the area, but Mudokons do still come here to preserve what they can, particularly the trials that were designed to pit the Mudokon saviour against hardship. Facilities and landscaping remain: rock formations are bridged by timber tied with vines, but many platforms are not joined, designed instead to be traversed only on Elumback. Well networks join Paramonia with Monsaic Lines, and are made of prehistoric skins stapled with leather. The same skins form tartpaulins around tunnel entrances and the sails of windmills. Hollow tree trunks are used as ladders. The technology needed to build these engineering marvels is long‐forgotten by the Mudokons.