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Slogs are carnivorous animals on Oddworld used as guard animals by the Glukkons because of their aggression and viciousness. They are domesticated industrial creatures, and given proper training they are obedient to Sligs.

Slogs appear in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, Oddworld Adventures, Oddworld Adventures 2, and Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee for the Game Boy Advance. Young Slogs (Sloggies) appear in Abe’s Exoddus and Munch’s Oddysee. Giant Slogs appear only in Munch’s Oddysee. The only game they haven’t appeared in is Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, which features the closely related species Slegs.


Slogs are red-skinned, typically weigh 80 pounds (35 kg) and stand 2–3 feet (60–90 cm) tall when fully grown,[1] although exceptionally large Slogs, as tall as 6 foot (180 cm), have been seen in underground caves.[2] All have two hind legs but no forelimbs, yet appear to have no problems with balance whether they are standing, walking, running, pouncing, jumping, or even sleeping (which they do on their feet). Infant Slogs, or Sloggies, are much smaller, run more slowly, and can’t jump as high, but in every other way they are just as deadly as adult Slogs.

Slogs have large mouths lined with sharp incisors (12 maxillary, 10 mandibular). Their lower jaw is fused, while their hinged upper jaw’s pivot point must raise vertically for their mouths to open, giving them a gaping appearance.[3] Their head is fringed by a kind of bony crest or crown that grows upwards from the back of their neck. They also have a stubby tail.

Slogs do not have any direct vision, making it easy to lure them into minefields,[4]:5 but are known to have senses of smell[1] and hearing despite having no visible nostrils or ears. They also drool.


Slogs are described as pathologically temperamental,[1] a condition that seems to emerge because of the brutal way they are raised by Sligs. Given the right conditions, they will attack anything, although they only ever turn on each other in self defence (for example, if Abe possesses one and attacks another). They normally ignore working Mudokons unless they are intstructed to ‘Get ’im!’ by a Slig, possibly because they are trained not to kill workers wherever possible. However, Mudokon that so much as stands up will instantly be turned upon. Worker Sligs are normally safe from attack, unless a Slog is ordered by another Slig to attack it. Slogs readily attack Glukkons,[5] Meep,[2] Flying Sligs (which they confuse for frisbees),[1] and Gabbits.

Slogs will stand patiently, always with their mouth open, if they are not given any orders or things to chase. Sometimes they will be tetchy, barking and growling, but they are always ready to attack. Sometimes they will display signs of aggression before they actually give chase, such as barking and snapping towards the provoker. Sometimes they will stand having rocks or verbal taunts thrown at them before they give chase, or wait until their prey is very close, but once they start chasing there is little that will stop them. They will often run right into land mines, electric walls, meat saws, and deadly drops when they are focused on giving chase. If their prey is up on a higher platform they can’t reach, they will will leap up at it snapping their jaws at the air. If it’s on a lower level they can’t get down to, they will run back and forth on the floor above the prey.

Slogs can be distracted by only two things. If they hear a Slig ordering ‘Here boy!’, they will give up chasing or eating and walk alongside the Slig. If a bone is thrown to a place they can get to it, they will up to it and eat it before resuming their attack. The only time this isn’t true is when the Slogs are emerging from a Slog hut, when they will attack the nearest thing to them.

While Slogs are not upset by Mudokon chanting, they do whimper in fear or pain when a spirit ring passes them.[6]


There are several breeds of Slog, including the Bird Slog, the Hot Slog, the Hound Slog, the Muddish Setter, and the Snoop Sloggy.[7] The Vykkers Conglomerate has conducted experiments into sensory deprivation on Slogs in the sewers of Vykkers Labs 13, resulting in a variety of Sewer Slog. These have developed acute senses and are much more vicious than regular Slogs.[8]

Slogs in other societies

Slogs in industrial society

Glukkons use Slogs as security guards because of their ferocious temperament. They can be left on their own in remote areas and trusted to attack any trespasser or wayward employee. They will follow Sligs on patrol and obey their commands such as ‘Here boy!’ or ‘Get ’im!’. They are never kept on a leash[9], but may be chained to a stake.[10] When they’re not sleeping, they’re always alert for anything they can chase,[1] and they make short work of anything they catch. Large factories like RuptureFarms 1029 and SoulStorm Brewery 401 have kennels housing hundreds of Slogs.

Slogs undergo intensive training to become as ruthless as they are. They are starved[4]:6 and regularly beaten from an early age to foster an aggressive attitude,[11] while training them to fear, respect and be obedient to Sligs. Sloghuts are used exclusively for the training of Slogs, and the untrained Slogs inside may happily attack Sligs. It is said that a Slog is a Slig’s best friend[12] and that there is nothing more wholesome than the relationship between them,[11] but even though Sligs naturally love any kind of power over other creatures[13], they only work with Slogs because they are paid to.[4]:6

Wolvarks also use Slogs as security animals. Specially trained Sloghandlers keep large numbers of the creatures in an oversized backpack,[14] and unlike Sligs will take Slogs on a leash.[15] Slogs are used by the Vykkers Conglomerate as laboratory animals. The Vykkers were conducting experiments into sensory deprivation on Slogs in the sewers of Vykkers Labs 13.[8]

Alf supposed that if Slogs are a super species, the queen or queens would be kept locked up by the Glukkons.[16]

In native society

Slogs were once kept as loyal pets by the Mulletokon tribe of southern Mudos. When this Mudokon tribe was wiped out by the Glukkons, their Slogs went unfed and became malnourished. The Daily Deception Online reports it is hypothesized that this is the cause of Slogs’ modern temperament, possibly to mislead readers from suspecting the brutal ways Slogs are raised.[17] Mudokons do not currently use Slogs, although Abe has learnt to possess them.


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