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Spooce, a contraction of the rarely-used term Spook Juice, is a measure of spirituality amongst native races on Oddworld. Possessing Spooce allows a greater, more intimate mental connection to be made with the spirit world. It acts as a kind of currency: Spooce is earned by creating spiritual works, performing selfless deeds or consuming the juice of certain plants, such as SpooceShrubs; it is expended by using psychic powers (such as possessing creatures), inducing growth in plants, or spontaneously creating weather patterns. Specialised locking mechanisms have been developed that require Spooce to open, while SpooceBows focus and release Spooce energy in a deadly form.

Alf suspects that Spooce tea ‘would probably taste like mud and money pie’,[1] but Clakkerz are known to celebrate with Spooce Soda. The motto of Spooce is ‘harmony, humility, health’.[2]


In Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, both Abe and Munch must acquire Spooce to progress through most levels. This is largely due to the high number of SpooceLocks (both native and industrial) found in the game, although Spooce must also be spent on upgrading Mudokon natives to Tomahawkers and Mudarchers, resurrecting deceased natives, and, in the case of Abe, possessing enemies.

There are two ways in which Spooce is earned: by rescuing Mudokon scrubs and Fuzzles through bird portals, and by harvesting SpooceShrubs. The former provides only two units of Spooce for each character rescued, so the player will need to collect a lot of SpooceShrubs. Sometimes SpooceShrubs will need to be grown by activating a Storm Circle.


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