January 2007


Lorne elaborates to Edge on why focus on films

Story 416 reported by Max on
Wednesday, 31st January 2007 at 5·39 p.m. GMT

Lorne Lanning has elaborated on his motives for shutting down Oddworld Inhabitants’ game development team and moving to Berkeley to concentrate on CGI feature films.

Edge Online has published ‘Why Oddworld’s Lorne Lanning gave up games for movies’, taken from the Christmas 2006 issue of Edge, in which Lorne talks further about the potential of games as a medium for storytelling versus its technological drawbacks, its differences from the Hollywood production model, and the roles that customisation, community, and the transfer of ideas have in entertainment’s success in competing for people’s leisure time.

Speaking briefly on the upcoming film Citizen Siege, Lorne says:

I don’t want to get too much into it, as it would just open up speculation—​it would be kinda like all the speculation when we closed the studio—​‘Lorne Lanning quits games!’ again, y’know? And how people say I’m confused because one day I want to make games, the next day films… I’d love the details to only start emerging when you’re watching the trailer.

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Moral Kombat

Story 415 reported by Max on
Wednesday, 3rd January 2007 at 11·59 p.m. GMT

Lorne Lanning will be amongst the interviewees appearing on Spencer Halpin’s upcoming documentary Moral Kombat, described by Halpin as ‘an inaugural in‐depth look at the “interactive entertainment” industry as it elates to the controversial subject of violence in video games.’ A list of other interviewees, as well as further information can be found on A+E Interactive.

Filmed entirely in high definition, the full‐length, million‐dollar documentary uses green screening to present interviews in front of game footage. Halpin has published the film’s trailer on YouTube, and it features scenes from Abe’s Exoddus and a short quote from Lorne.

Sources: Dean Takahashi, A+E Interactive


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