February 2007


Lorne and High Moon Studios at GDC 2007

Story 417 reported by Max on
Saturday, 3rd February 2007 at 4·48 p.m. GMT

Lorne Lanning will be participating in a panel discussion entitled ‘Burning Man: Takaways for Game Developers’ at this year’s Game Developers Conference. The panelists will share their experiences of the Burning Man event, discussing how the festival’s ‘participant experience and community dynamics’ can be used to understand videogame players’ interests and motivation.

Also at GDC 2007, former Inhabitants Farzad Varahramyan, Chris Ulm, and Sean Miller will, with other members of High Moon Studios, creators of Darkwatch, share their experiences of Agile Development, a methodology that attempts to alleviate rising game production costs, times, and team sizes.


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