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Fuzzles are standard guinea pigs in the laboratories of Vykkers, who consider them a commodity species. Drops of acid are easily administered to their conveniently large eyes, and when caged they put up little resistance to experimentation. Still more perish being used as executive stress balls. Fuzzle traps are layed in Oddworld’s wilds to be collected by Vykkers Pods at night. The Magog Cartel is more inclined to capture Fuzzles for Slog food, but Glukkons with an exotic palette are known to enjoy fried Fuzzles. Mudokons and Clakkerz keep Fuzzles as pets.

In reality, their adorable appearance masks their real viciousness which comes to life when they are threatened or hungry. They open their mouth to reveal a savage collection of teeth. Munch befriends Fuzzles to keep him company by rescuing many of them from Vykkers Labs; in return the Fuzzles aid Munch in his quest to restore the Gabbit race. The Stranger, as a Steef guardian of the Mongo River, has a natural harmony with the nature around him, allowing him to use Fuzzles (even the failed ADD experiments known as Rabid Fuzzles) as Live Ammo that act as living land mines.