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Necrum is the Mudokon City of the Dead, a collective burial site for the tribal Mudokons of long ago. The clues to the Mudokons’ lost history that were to be found in Necrum were largely lost due to destructive industrial influences and the retaliation necessary to end the exploitation of Mudokon slaves.


Built in an oasis in the desert, Necrum was the final resting place for Mudokons from tribes united in the celebration of death. The burial grounds were protected by a stone perimeter and by Guardians, now‐extinct creatures that warded off enemies of the Mudokons. As the Mudokon race dwindled and suffered at the hands of the Magog Cartel, Necrum was forgotten about.

When Abe shut down RuptureFarms, he unwittingly destroyed the primary source of Mudokon bones, the main secret ingredient in SoulStorm Brew, so the Glukkons turned to Necrum. The SoulStorm Mining Company began mining operations, employing blinded Mudokon slaves to unknowingly excavate their ancestors’ remains. Industry damaged the city ruins and wasted resources so that the surrounding desert slowly encroached on the dying jungle. Heavy machinary and the awakening of lifeless Mudombies disturbed the peace of the Mudokon spirits, who appeared to Abe in a dream and asked him to put and end to the Glukkons’ plot. Sure enough, Abe sabotaged Necrum Mines’ boilers and blew the facility up.

Geography and Architecture

Necrum was a sacred site, populated by grave sites, burial urns, flagstones, totems, towering dwellings for the dead, and numerous temples. Walkways were constructed from Mudokon skulls; doorways were made from the bones of species now long extinct. The entire complex is surrounded by a stone perimeter featuring Mudokon sculptures, columns and portals engineered with great technical skill now lost from the Mudokons’ common knowledge. The jungle oasis in which Necrum is built is home to crooked palms and solitary temples that lead to the vaults below.

The Necrum temple lies at the very heart of the oasis, built into a large tree decorated by Mudokon craftsmanship. By reading the literature of the temple’s story stones, the temple fires are lit, providing to soul access to the creepy Crypt within, where only the most important Mudokons are placed, placed in a standing position in open coffins fixed all around the interior wall. The Glukkons had yet to find this temple. It was in the Crypt that the Weirdos gave Abe the ability to heal Mudokons sick from Brew and taught him about the Glukkon ploys using SoulStorm Brew to enslave the Mudokons.

Necrum Vaults

Underneath Necrum are hidden vaults that were once the private burial grounds of only the most heroic Mudokons from the Mudomo and Mudanchee tribes. Each has become overrun by Paramites and Scrabs respectively, once meant to guard over the bones of their worshippers, but now left to fend for themselves. They have managed to build mysterious constructions that seem too engineered to come from wild animals. Inside the Cryptoons of the Mudomo vaults, dying Paramites cocoon themselves in finely spun webbing, neatly reinforced with wooden splints. In the Scrabacombs of the Mudanchee vaults, dying Scrabs create spires honouring their dead before adding their own remains to the walls of beak bones.

Glukkons invaded the vaults with the intention of mining the sacred bones buried within, but progress was slow due to the unexpected infestations of Scrabs and Paramites. Superstitious Sligs have placed ghost locks throughout the vaults to trap wandering Mudokon spirits; the Weirdos wanted Abe to release the captured souls, which he did. The grateful spirits rewarded Abe by unlocking temple doors and granting him limited periods of invisibility. In the Mudanchee vaults, the Glukkons planned on opening Scrab-O-Rama, a hunting preserve for the removal of the Scrabs.

Necrum Mines

Carved out of the Mudokons’ ancient burial grounds, the mines were an uncharted and ongoing excavation reaching deep down underneath Necrum. Dimly lit and poorly serviced, twisted corridors led Mudokon miners—​blinded by the Glukkons for fear that they would refuse to dig up the bones of their own dead—​to new pockets of mortal remains. The deepest shafts broke into long‐forgotten subterranean realms, home to creatures long considered extinct. The mines were destroyed when Abe sabotaged their five boilers simultaneously, but not before the entire mining staff were rescued. The mines were connected to the FeeCo Depot to transport the bones to the Bonewerkz.