SoulStorm Brew

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SoulStorm Brew is one of the Magog Cartel’s most important product lines, a highly addictive and slightly toxic drink that is not only Oddworld’s favourite alcoholic beverage, but a powerful tool in the enslavement and suppression of the Mudokons.


The Mudokon race’s enslavement was mainly due to the naïvity of the natives and the addictive properties of SoulStorm Brew. Glukkons would approach the natives and encouraged them to try the Brew, but soon the Mudokons were hooked. In their drunked stupor, they readily agreed to work for the Magog Cartel in return for free SoulStorm Brew. Sure enough, dispensing machines can be found in all Glukkon factories and facilities, at the workplace and in prison cells, to keep the Mudokons dependent on the Cartel’s products. Even then, though, Mudokons have to wait until arbitrary breaks to be allowed to drink. SoulStorm Brew is also used in consumer goods weaponry such as brew repeaters and vending bombs.

SoulStorm Brew sponsors Mudokon Tossing and “A Celebration of Debilitating Addiction”, the exhibition at the Glukkon Museum of Modern Technocracy, and maintains a stronghold on the drinks market through its “The First One’s Free” promotion, in which free samples of Brew are offered to get consumers addicted to the product, ensuring a lifetime’s customer loyalty.


On top of fermented barleys and hops, it is common knowledge that SoulStorm Brew contains bone powder, an ingredient Glukkon physician Doctor Chester Payne claims strengthens one’s own bones. What was not known was that the bones were of Mudokons, taken from work‐related accidents and holy burial sites. When Abe discovered this, he informed F.U.D. T.V., which released news reports of the bones‐brew cover‐up. The other secret ingredient of Brew is Mudokon tears, which gives the drink its trademark smoothness. Additionally, SoulStorm Brew is packed with preservatives that are claimed to keep the drink tasting fresh after a decade. SoulStorm Brew contains 10 000 calories per bottle, 800 grams of sodium, 500 grams of fat, 6 kilograms of sugars, and absolutely no protein or vitamins.


Mudokon bones are readily available from any and all Glukkon factories through the common work‐related accident. However, after the closure of RuptureFarms 1029 at the hands of the Mudokon terrorist Abe, the Magog Cartel lost its primary source of bones, so SoulStorm Mining Co. began mining operations in Necrum. Bones are taken to the Bonewerkz Mill via FeeCo Trains to be ground and processed. From here it is transported to SoulStorm Brewery 401 where the ingredients come together. Here, Mudokons are suspended in Tear X-Tractors and continually electrocuted to produce a constant source of Mudokon tears. The SoulStorm Brew industry was crippled when Abe destroyed Necrum Mines, shut down Bonewerkz and blew up SoulStorm Brewery.


  • Pure Bone Brew
  • Cardiac Porter
  • Eyewash Stout
  • Flail Ale

“It’s totally upchuckalicious!”

  • BlitzPacker Brew

BlitzPacker Brew is designed for use in product delivery firearms. Is is packaged in heavier, stronger cans.