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Stumpy is a character in a draft of an Abe’s Oddysee movie. His name appears in a photograph of a story timeline published inside Inside Game Design, along with key plot points for the character. The timeline states that Stumpy is an artificial inseminator at RuptureFarms, and Abe’s cellmate.[1]

According to the plot points on the story timeline, Stumpy is summoned to an urgent meeting, but fails to attend due to his performing delivery of a baby Bull. Still dirty from the procedure, he finds Abe (ruining the moment between Abe and Parix) and takes him to the baby Bull.

Later in the story, Stumpy overhears Molluck’s plan (then unknown to the audience, and unstated in the story timeline).

A concept painting by Lorne Lanning depicts Abe and a shorter character, possibly Stumpy, examining rock art in a cave.[2]


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