May 2005


‘Song Engine’ selected for Into the Pixel

Story 351 reported by Xav on
Monday, 16th May 2005 at 1·42 p.m. CEST

An amazing Oddworld artwork has been selected for the ‘Into The Pixel 2005’: Raymond Swanland’s Song Engine. Also notice Lorne Lanning is one of the jurors of this event.

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Oddworld artwork in EXPOSÉ 3

Story 350 reported by Max on
Sunday, 15th May 2005 at 9·52 a.m. BST

Oddworld is featured in EXPOSÉ 3 with 4 pictures on page 110 and on page 115 & 116. Complete details about those pictures can be found here (type ‘Oddworld’). Also notice Lorne Lanning is member of the Advisory Commitee.



Power Unlimited interviews Lorne

Story 349 reported by Xav on
Saturday, 14th May 2005 at 11·15 a.m. CEST

Havoc has found an old interview of Lorne Lanning in the February issue of Power Unlimited and posted it on the forums. There are some intresting things in it, but keep in mind that the interview was made before Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath was released. Credit goes to ‘The Community

Sources: Havoc

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Spong tries to set record straight

Story 348 reported by Xav on
Friday, 6th May 2005 at 9·05 p.m. CEST has put up an article about Oddworld’s change of dirrection along with a rather uninteresting interview of Lorne Lanning on the second page.

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Penny Arcade pokes fun at Lorne

Story 347 reported by Max on
Monday, 2nd May 2005 at 9·20 p.m. BST

Popular Internet comic Penny Arcade! has featured Lorne in a third strip. While the comic proper is typically mean of Tycho and Gabe, Tycho has more encouraging words to say.

While this comic comments on Lorne’s leaving the videogame industry, previous strips have covered mere rumours of Lorne firing OWI staff and the Microsoft money hat.

Credit goes to Charlie for finding this.

Sources: Charlie

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