August 2005


The Oddworld Archives open

Story 366 reported by Xav on
Tuesday, 30th August 2005 at 8·11 p.m. CEST

My latest creation is finally online: The Oddworld Archives! This site is dedicated to everything related to Oddworld and is trying to backup it all. You can find there articles or even minisites that aren’t online anymore anywhere else. I hope you will enjoy your visit there.

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GBGames in Lorne’s ‘Walmart world’

Story 365 reported by Xav on
Friday, 26th August 2005 at 12·37 p.m. CEST

GBGames had the opportunity to attend Lorne’s ‘In a Wal-Mart world, Creative is a dirty word’ presentation and has done a great report on his blog.

Sources: GBGames

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HaCk3d by Mr.NsSaF!!

Story 364 reported by Max on
Thursday, 25th August 2005 at 2·10 a.m. BST

Just a temporary post to allay the fears of the Forumites. Dave (Forum name eludes me) and I were able to hunt some info on the hacker. He appears to be telling the truth about being from the United Arab Emirates. His first known target was the Arab, hence his on‐screen moniker. He’s been targetting all vBulletin message boards that haven’t yet upgraded from 3.03, and unfortunately that’s us. Luckily, I was able to phone Alcar and wake him up to tell him to sort things out. Oh boy, and did we have some fun tonight?

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Sources: The Admin Zone

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In a Wal‐Mart world, Creative is a dirty word

Story 363 reported by Max on
Tuesday, 23rd August 2005 at 7·11 a.m. BST

Lorne Lanning will be speaking at the meeting for the Chicago chapter of the IGDA (the International Game Developers Association) on the evening of Tuesday, August 23rd.

He will be speaking in a multi‐media presentation called ‘In a Wal‐Mart world, Creative is a dirty word’. Where he will be talking about the creative process, sources of inspiration, how Yoda saved his life, why the label of ‘Creative’ has become a liability, how game engines will change film making forever, the importance of modern mythology in our corporate owned media landscape, why owning your own brand can be a handicap in today’s marketplace, and how digital distribution is the great hope for creatives as we continue heading deeper into a brave new world of media.

Dan Choi of Joystiq will be there and is going to ask Lorne a few questions, if you have some good question ideas drop them in the comment section of his article.

Sources: Dan Choi

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TOGG updated with Brutal Ballad of Fangus production artwork

Story 362 reported by Max on
Tuesday, 16th August 2005 at 5·32 p.m. BST

Xavier has updated The Oddworld Graphics Gallary with seventeen inspirational concept images by OWI designer Silvio Aebischer. This pre‐production art created for The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot offers possible insight into the creative content intended for use in the game before OWI closed internal production.

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath has, surprisingly, entered the U.K. charts at 23rd place, according to Chart Track and Games Asylum. This has been attributed to retailer Game dropping the price to just $pound;9·99.

Sources: Silvio Aebischer

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A page has been created

Story 361 reported by Xav on
Monday, 1st August 2005 at 11·31 a.m. CEST

A page has been created with all the known Oddworld Creatures, take a look over here

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