Wilderness Region

From Oddworld Library

The wilderness region of Mudos is a vast limestone landscape of hills, valleys and plateaux leading up to the mountains in the north. It is characterised by its numerous, varied water features (such as rivers, lakes and waterfalls), its population by both Scrabs and Paramites, and the battleground it serves between native Mudokon villages and encroaching Glukkon industry.


Mudokons in the wilderness region inhabit a number of small villages, typically containing nothing more than huts, guard towers resurrection totems and a defensive perimeter. Some may have a storm circle nearby. Also to be found are Mudokon fortresses, well‐protected resting sites for weary travellers that acted as strongholds against invading Glukkon forces. Now only one fortress remains, the surrounding industrialists having been driven out and the nearby Sloghut 2813 shut down. Alf’s Rehab and Tea is built in a new part of the wilderness that has grown into Paramonia because of Splinterz clear‐cutting initiatives—​the Paramonian Temple is visible on the horizon. Mudokon industry in the wilderness consists of forestry and the rearing of Meep, Elums and Meetles. With the help of Abe, the Marching Mudokons have become somewhat militant in their succeeding efforts to dispel aggressive invaders.


Several high profile Magog Cartel franchises have opened facilities in the wilderness region because of its rich mineral deposits, water (used as a factory coolant), and abundant livestock and Mudokon labourers. Magog Motors, Flub Fuels and Splinterz all opened new factories, but were each bankrupt by Abe and Munch. The Splinterz Mill was responsible for extending the wilderness into Paramonia. Small scale RuptureFarms and SoulStorm Brew facilities were not yet built when their funds were deposited into the Lulu Fund. In addition, a number of support services were present, such as Sloghuts, guard towers, and the Slog Run that guarded the only approach to the Big Well.


As a result of the Glukkons’ activities in the wilderness region, a number of negative effects have been observed in the environment. With the removal of water from aquifers to power machinery and cool factories, the water table of the region has fallen, leaving vegetation dying, from grass to SpooceShrubs to trees, and stranding aquatic wildlife like Mudflubs on the river beds. Elsewhere, the water has been polluted, driving away fish stocks, an important Mudokon source of food.

Paramites, Scrabs, Fuzzles and Meep have been taken from the wild and from Mudokons’ herding villages to provide meat, making these creatures aggressive and defensive. Mudflubs have been sucked out of the rivers to remove their fat while Meetle grubs have been captured and taken to be raised as deadly Mug security. Native Mudokons themselves have been subject to skirmishes with industrial armed forces and have also been employed to work in the local factories thanks to the addictive effects of product delivery firearms like BlitzPacker and the Vending Bomb.